Bay Beach Boljoon Dining

Perfection at its best

Nourishment is the most important but simultaneously most neglected part of our Life

Time to change!

The only true Restaurant in Boljoon

Why is Bay Beach offering the only true Restaurant in Boljoon? Are all others not true? If we understand dining as filling our body to fight hunger all is a restaurant. But if you want to dine we claim to be the only one to give this full experience people desire in Boljooon and also outside of our village. 

Dining is a festival that you cannot express with price, pictures, or words. A dining experience starts already with the smell from the kitchen, the way it is served, and the way we devour our meals. Not from nothing, there are magazines rating Restaurants and nobody of these clients will ask how much a meal is! To understand this you shall try it! We are not far away and you will be addicted when you are able to taste the difference.

Bay Beach Restaurant unbeatable Competency

Top Pizza Boljoon


19 awards in 10 years with Bodo´s Pizza Alcoy and now exclusively in Bay Beach Restaurant Boljoon

Bay Beach Seafood Boljoon

Fish and Seafood

Daily fresh from the Sea prepared from a true master of Seafood

Boljoon BBQ

International BBQ

BBQ is at Home in Europe and USA. We invited the best of both countries to teach our chefs so that they are perfect like our BBQ also is

Further Specials

Of course, also our local dishes fulfill the highest standards regarding quality and taste.

Our Sevice will be the most magical part of your dining experience. Our staff will add on that special touch of emotions and memorable moments in your dining adventure at bay beach Restaurant Boljoon

Bay Beach Service
Bay Beach Fusin Cuisine
Restaurant Service Boljoon


I've known what it is to be
hungry, but I always went
right to a restaurant.

Our famous international guest Tiger (Musician) from Europe