Boljoon Beach Resorts are famous because they are located at one of the most attractive Shorelines in Cebu. The famous Lover´s Cave that is similar to the well-known Cave in Porto Princessa and unique in Cebu is only to find once on our beautiful Island.

Is the Lover´s Cave Public or Private

Even when the Lover´s Cave is Public it is hard to get there without trespassing the Private Beach of our Resort.

But we never would hinder loving people to enjoy this magic ambiance over there. We only encourage all to talk to us. We will decorate and prepare the Cave for your special purpose. Don´t get there without the enchanting moments we will donate to you and your sweetheart. Our designs are individual and part of the “Boljoon-Wedding-Theme” we created together with the Parish in Boljoon. These moments are yours and we will make them unforgettable.

Boljoon Beach Resort Lover´s Cave

Your Benefits at Bay Beach Resort Boljoon

Coming as Guest leaving as Lover´s Cave Friends

Romantic Place for Romantic Moments

This place is unique like you are. And every purpose taking place at this exceptional and magical location will be designed as an individual happening. Enchant your partner with an ocean of torch-light or fall in love with a special soundtrack coming from somewhere around. The possibilities are countless and we know how to arrange everything to your needs.

Lover´s Cave Boljoon Premium Buffet

Awarded Food and Service

The brand new Team of Bay Beach Resort Boljoon is not unknown in Cebu. Former operating Bodo´s in Alcoy they were called the most innovating Pioneers in Tourism and Hospitality. Already 17 years ago a first serious taken Resort and Restaurant many competitors still today find orientation and ideas in the way of operating Bodo´s. Our Pizza is famous far away the borders of Alcoy and now it will be available in Boljoon in the Future. We are excited to become a further attraction for Boljoon with our fine selection of Dishes.

Lover´s Cave Customers are our Gems
Events from international Stage Director

Entertainment on International Show-Level

If you spend more than half of your life on stages you know what entertainment shall be like. Our target is to enjoy people with new ways of entertainment painting fresh colors in a black and white entertainment how it is too often to find in Cebu. Even if we don´t plan a party or event we look forward to welcoming guests helping us to create their stay as the party of their life. We are prepared! Are you also?

Free Photo Shop Service of Lover´s Cave

Instagrammable Scenery for Guests only

Social Media is important nowadays. Many competitors work more or less to offer outstanding sceneries for picture taking. Lover´s Cave Beach Resort offers a place nobody can beat: The most romantic spot to find in Southern Cebu. As we own the beach in front our guests will anytime get the prominent right to take outstanding pictures. On demand we offer free professional Photoshop editing to help you getting your moments viral. We'll add on our creativity and finally nobody will grave to have pictures in front of Eiffel Tower anymore when they can get a picture at the Place for people in love:-) Come and let us take the pictures of your life.

Church at Lover´s Cave Resort Boljoon

From Boljoon Church to Whale-Sharks at Lover´s Cave Beach Resort

The eldest Stone-built Church of Cebu is located in Boljoon. This most requested Church for Weddings is also a Must-See for people even when they are not religious. The church is very close to Bay Beach Resort in two ways. It is only walking distance to visit and for Wedding couples it may be interesting that our Management operate several trainings and seminars for the catholic youth in Alcoy and Boljoon. The deep friendship to both Parish Priests and also the Bishop will help to get your Wedding in Boljoon exactly matching your dreams. But also all other attractions like waterfalls and the famous Oslob-Whale-Sharks you will be able to visit for a minimum breakdown of expenses when you stay at Lover´s Cave Beach Resort. Even when we strongly recommend to wait until the Whale-Sharks swim in front of our beach and we also will bring you there with our house-own "banka boat" you can visit the Oslob Whale Shark Park much more budget friendly with us. Beside of all natural attractions our Event management is hard working on establishing nightly entertainment in our famous quality to become the most attractive Village for Tourism in Southern Cebu. Be one of our Pioneers and enjoy the extended attractions of Boljoon in our Beach Resort.

Whale Sharks at Lover´s Cave Resort Boljoon
Quality Award Lover´s Beach Resort

Budget friendly Top Quality Rooms and Dining in Boljoon

We don´t like to be reduced to our price but finally we understand that also the budget is very important. We offer the most budget friendly rooms and restaurant service on our well-known quality level. Maybe you find some place offering a bit cheaper but your stomach will teach you to consider next time. Our Service Team is anytime willing to go the extra mile because we want to be the most recommended spot of communication and sealing new friendships to find in Boljoon. Save lots of money with booking one of our Boljoon budget friendly rooms and use it to create great moments at our beach-bar or restaurant. Even there you will be surprised how reasonable our menu is. Only by that we can fulfil OUR DREAM: Bringing foreigners AND locals together to enjoy times they never forget. This is our promise from Bay Beach Resort Boljoon to all people out there who are open-minded and interesting.

Lover´s cave Food Award 2021

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