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Awesome Wedding Cebu

When you marry it is important to consider about the value of each feature. In clear words we want to remind Wedding Couples to not get lost in too many side-effets. As a result, Royal Wedding on Cebu anytime put the Priority to the Couply marrying this day.

Awesome Wedding Partnership

Awesome Wedding Cebu is a strong Partner in all Aspects of your Wedding.

Awesome Wedding Best Venue

8 Awards for best Service, Catering and Entertanment show what we call a Royal Wedding

Personal Ambition

We don´t do a Job. We design your Wedding as if you were our own Children.

All in One Solution

Wedding Planner Venue Wedding Dress Decoration Catering Entertainment Host Sound And Light

Experienced Team

40 years of Wedding and Event Management is your Insurance for the best Wedding.

Awesome Wedding Full Control

All your Requirement are managed in One Institution. If you wish changes it is only one call to fulfill. In conclusion you will save lot of Money for the Best Event.

Awesome Wedding Catering
Awesome Wedding Design

THe Top Benefits for you

Wedding is only Once in your Life. Wrong decisions will occur a lifetime disappointment.Therefore choose your Wedding Planner with the same Diligence like you selected your Partner.

The Wedding Planner

This Person must be reliable. Anytime we have to accept external Wedding Planners our Experience was:

  • A pre-appointed Budget included Wedding Planning occurs that the Wedding Planner books the cheapest to get the most out for himself
  • Sometimes there was only One Course on the Buffet to save Money
  • 90% of failures in the Schedule were incurred by the Wedding Planner
  • Cost of Wedding Planner were similar to the entire Wedding (double Payment)
  • Plenty of invoice items for Wedding Planning were already included in the Offer of the Venue.

How is the Price of Awesome Wedding Cebu compared to other Wedding Planners?

Our wedding Planning is much cheaper compared to other Wedding Planners. To make it clear: Our Wedding Planning is included FOR FREE!

What else is offered Exclusivly from Awesome Wedding Cebu?

You get an All in One Solution. This saves money because there are no Third Parties earning from you. The Venue is a plenty times Awared Hotel Resort with also awarded Restaurant. In result you will get:

  • Accommodation for you and your Guests (with 6 Rooms Reservation the Wedding Couple gets the Room for free)
  • Room for Dressing, Make Up and Hair Style included for Free
  • Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist on Request
  • Borrow Wedding Dress and Wedding Suit Service
  • Catering
  • Light and Sound Equipment in Highest Quality 
  • Photo and Video Service (Prenuptial and Wedding)
  • Decoration of “Wedding Castle”, Reception Area and Ceremony Area
  • On Demand a Priest giving Blessing Ceremony for Couple cannot afford a Full Church Wedding
  • And much more included implementation of your Personal Requirements

Is Awesome Wedding cheaper than other Wedding Planners?

We don´t know what offer you got from a Wedding Planner. In the Year 2019 we made a survey with these results:

Wedding 200 Guests Catering 3 Courses. All other Items done by External Wedding Planner (Cousin of the Bride).

Total amount: 380,000.00 Pesos

Similar Wedding operated with Royal Wedding Cebu

265,000.00 Pesos

Any more Questions?

The Wedding Castle

Your Wedding will be in a Hotel Resort with the most stunning View Over the Sea. We know that Big Hotels are very good in decorating but you will be imprisoned in a Room. Find out the awesome Ambiance of an Open Air Wedding. Our Reception Area offers a Wedding Castle in impressive Light Design. This is a memorable backdrop for your Photographers and Friends. 

How is your Venue looking like?

Pictures tell more than a Million of Words. Watch the Video and get your first Impression of Royal Wedding Cebu. (Video and Soundtrack produced in our House-Own Video and Audio Recording Studio)

Some of our Happy Wedding Couples

Awesome Wedding Couple Joyce and Lutz

Traditional Cebuano Wedding with Priest-Blessing Ceremony.

Party Motto and Wedding Design: Western Cowboy

Joyce and Lutz
Awesome Wedding Couple

Awesome Wedding Couple Lorie and RJ

Traditional Cebuano Wedding

Motto and Wedding Design: Romance

Judith and Urs

A big Western Style/Cebuano Tradition mixed Wedding

Moto and design: Noble and Royal

Wedding Couple Judith and Urs

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