Paradise is Priceless

There is always to find a cheaper accommodation-finally it is still too expensive when it is not at Bay Beach Boljoon

Bay Beach Boljoon

Emotions. Style. Relaxation

The secret of Bay Beach Boljoon

The secret of Bay Beach Boljoon is all that you cannot see but you cannot refuse to feel it.

Memories and Moments

Pools and Beaches don´t create Memories and Moments but people do! 

"After a few minutes our service knew all about us. A fantastic feeling to be interesting for others as a personality"
- Fr. Ver-Alcoy -

Food and Drinks from Outside

Honestly: We don´t like when people bring own food or drinks from outside into our place. This blocks one of our main competencies: Cooking with passion! We don´t prohibit it but read restrictions for "Guests" not enjoying our fantastic food and bring ordinary food instead in the following paragraph.

Restrictions with own Food and Drinks

All our rates are discounted with 50% already to make it easier for all to enjoy our extraordinary place. In case you arrive with own food and drinks this discount is cancelled and all rates are doubled. Additionally we are sorry to ask deposit to be safe that our place is left properly and clean. Please understand that you cannot consume everywhere in our resort. The fantastic Seashore Tables are reserved for our Restaurant Guests-or House Guests ordering with us only. There is a designated area for self-catering beside. Cooking and Bonfire are strictly prohibited


Pets of any kind and any size are highly welcome in our place without any extra charge.


Kiddos below the age of 10 years are free of charge for overnight. Please note: Parents or designated persons are liable for the security of children. There is no life-guard or any other obligation by the management.

Bay Beach Promise for Tolerance

The Bay Beach Promise for Tolerance is an affair of the heart for all of us. We never lock people from our community. Especially Singles are highly welcome and we know that they will find a connection to our wonderful community immediately.

We also don´t deny people who are not fully vaccinated.

Transgenders and any kind of personality will be accommodated with the same respect and open mind like any other person at or place!

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