What you have to know

Enter a new way of Wedding Celebration

New ways are only feasible with open-minded people. Booking our wonderful place and finally arriving with an external Wedding Planner is like making a reservation in a 5 Star Restaurant and finally kicking out the chef and replacing him with an Mc Donalds cook!


Bouquets & Decorations

Contrary to ordinary Agencies we organize your Decoration and Flowers and also all Attires for your Wedding without any extra charge for our Service. You only pay what our Partners charge us because we don´t want to be paid for things we don´t have any effort with!

If you are still on this page

then you are one of the exceptional ones we love to work for! All we are doing is different from ordinary Wedding Agencies because we really keep what we promise and this we do for the best Price you ever can find.

The Difference to Wedding Agencies

No extra charge on top of external Partners

Contrary to Wedding Agencies we don´t charge on top services from external Partners. Decoration, Attires for you and your entourage we organize and charge only the price our partners give to us. We don´t want to be paid for services others are doing. Here many Agencies are making the most of money out of you!

Only one Partner for you

All that you need to fulfill your Wedding Dreams will be organized by us! Agencies come with “full packages” and finally they send the wedding couple around to find a Venue, organize the Church or Civil Wedding with Priests or Mayors, and finally also Catering is not in the Package. What on this is a full package? Nothing. It is a package full of stress and hassle for the Wedding Couple-the only full thing is that you pay the Wedding Agency fully like they are the ones doing what finally is delegated to you!

12 minutes that will change your opinion about Wedding Agencies

Catering and Venue

Our cuisine counts to the best in Southern Cebu since over 10 years. Countless awards from leading magazines are further evidence for our competency. Main difference to Agencies is that they sell you a “Catering Partner” that very often is nothing else than family members of them without any education in Service and Cooking. But they charge you like they are professionals! How many of your guests perceive the buffet as the main priority to join your wedding?  So why are so many couples willing to pay an unreasonable price for substandard quality?

Furthermore, they sell you the food for a lower price as the Venue offers but they charge you for the Venue. Finally, you pay a much higher price for your food because our Venue is free of charge when you order the catering from us! 

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Wedding Planning and Coordination

What you pay mainly when you hire a Wedding Agency is Coordination and Wedding Planning.  This contributes to around half of your Bill! The truth is: Wedding Planners have contracts with several Venues. The Venue will be the one doing the entire Planning and Coordination because there are the Cooks, the Service, and all people making your Wedding lively. Buth these people see not only one Peso for making your Wedding outstanding. All of this is taken from the Wedding planner! The effort of the Wedding Agency is just to call the Venue and make the reservation for your Wedding. All the rest is done by the staff of the Venue. On your Wedding day the “Co-ordinator” is present and anytime seems to be busy and in stress to donate a perfect wedding for you. The truth is- the coordinator is taking the honor (and also the money) for work others have done for you!

Unflexible Wedding Package or exactly what you desire?

Romantic Wedding without emotions?

Imagine that you want to buy a new car. It should be small and you prefer a blue color. The salesman is only offering SUVs in Red or Silver. Will you buy a car from him? Never! But at your Wedding, you do it when you hire a Wedding Agency. They only have o n e  design, they work anytime with the same host, they don´t listen to your vision they only find ways to sell you what they sell to everyone! No romance can come up when the Wedding is not tailored to your personality. No emotions come up when there is not Prenup about you and your background. No feelings will rise when it is a plastic frame and you are only a kind of decoration in it. Therefore there is only one way for a romantic wedding: Come to us and get the dream wedding you expect to get.

~ Our happy Couples ~

We still are close friends with our Wedding couples even after they married at our place. The time of preparation and designing their wedding to a memorable day let us become friends and family with our couples. This is the highest honor we can get from our Newly Weds.

Boljoon Wedding
Event Guests Boljoon
Boljoon Wedding Trend

Lorie and RJ

Alcoy 22.10.2018

Top Wedding Boljoon
Boljoon Romantic Wedding

Christine and Günter

Alcoy November 2017

Boljoon unique Wedding

Tricia and Charles

Alcoy-December 2019

~ How we build an event ~

We create your Wedding beginning with the first day of meeting you. We ask what is most important for you. What is your story? How did you fall in love? Our creatives will write a storybook-like in a Hollywood movie about that. Our Stage team will create the ambiance and start to rehearse with our team to create some Show Blocks and our Director will start to write your Song and the matching Video for you. All steps are close appointed with you.

You will make acquaintance with the service team and chefs that will be the ones making your day comfortable and welcoming to everyone.

If somebody prefers specials on the buffet we will note and adjust it. Only by this, the people will experience a quite different welcoming ambiance than you ever will find elsewhere.

You will meet your host and she will step by step discuss and appoint what is important for you that day. She will know exactly who is your sponsor, your parents, your family your classmate.

On your wedding day, the people will be surprised that our host will talk to them like to an old and long time friend.

We will organize your attires. You don´t need to roam around to find everything. They will come to you and will present all you can select from.  Similar to that we will organize your decoration and motto. All technical stuff from light to sound inclusive all technicians is already here. 

This is the biggest benefit: You will discuss everything with us only. One institution for the full planning. Also, your guests preparing surprises are coordinated by us. No disturbance and stuttering of your run schedule will happen because we will control everything to present a flawless program for you.

To show you that we are serious in claiming to be the best we offer our best price guarantee you never will be offered from others: After getting our quotation you have 2 weeks to search for a similar package for lower rates.

If you find somebody offering the same in the equal quality we will give it 10% below that quotation. This is what we call a fair and risk-free offer!


Beautiful Location

Resort with Private Beach only for you and your Guests.

Beautiful Surroundings beside the famous “Lover´s Cave”

In Boljoon with the one and only Wedding Church

Breathtaking Entertainment

Prenups with personal impact

Imported Light-and Soundsystem handled by Master Degree Engineers

Creative Team managed by former Stage Director of Europe

Show Sections on professional Stage Level

Video Production in High Quality

Best Price Guarantee

Tell us all your Ideas and Dreams.

We will design your personalized Package

Take our Quotation and try to find another Vendor offering the same Quality and Creativity for a lower price.

If you find one we will give our package 10% lower than the competitor or you are free to cancel free of charge.

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