Top Wedding Location Boljoon means not only a wedding directly at the beach and ocean. A Top Wedding Location will offer all you need for a memorable and romantic wedding nobody will ever forget. 

Top Wedding Location Boljoon
Happy Wedding Couple at Lover´s Cave Beach Resort

Location that included a Wedding Planner

For years our Wedding concept became the number one choice for smart wedding couples. We are the only location that included a Wedding Planner and all that you need for hassle-free wedding coordination. Attires, Videographer, Make-up artist. No additional stress for you because all is included when you book our gorgeous Wedding Venue for your big day. 

Key to success for your Event is the Entertainment

Premium Event Equipment for premium Celebrants
Premium equipment for Premium Celebrants

The best band or Dj and even the host or Emcee of your Event cannot be good when the sound is ugly. Our key to the success of your Event is that all we offer will be premium quality. Very often we see that Celebrants spent too much money on unimportant things and finally they run out of budget for really important features of their celebration. Our professional mix in  Lover´s Cave special deals will supply all you need to celebrate in an exceptional way and still you will pay less than at any other agency. This we guarantee! If you find the same quality and concept cheaper we will give it for this price to you!

Emcee and Hosting

Emcee and Hosting. Sounds so simple and is the most difficult thing at every event. Watch the video and see what happens when a host misunderstands his job and thinks there is nothing more important than himself. No smart wedding couple or celebrant will waste his money on an event like this anymore when he knows the alternative top event concept of Lover´s Cave Resort Boljoon.

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