Impressive Moments

party at Boljoon Beach

3 B´s Parties and Beach Nights

Up all night

Sophisticated Lightdesign at the Beach

3 B´s Parties and Beach Nights will be legendary. Don´t mind if there will be a Live Band or a DJ the package is overwhelming and new in the Philippines. We prepare the Island for the GLobal World of Entertainment. Enjoy the best of Music and Light Design mixed with the awesome Sound of landing waves in front of your feet. 


Audio Engineer

From University of Germany

Light Design

Learned from most famous Theatres in Europe


Master Degree Musical Show Design University of Vienna

Event Management

Master Degree from University Salzburg


Cruise Liners MS Astor and Costa Mediterranea


Deutsches Theater Munich Vienna Colosseum Essen Apollo Theatre Stuttgart

Musical Shows

Jesus Christ Superstar Elisabeth Cats Evita

Special Fields

Stage Design Musical Composing and Arranging Musical Recording Light Design Creative Storyboard

Hire the Champions in

Only the Best are good enough for the 3 B´s and its Guests. As a professional Musician our Event Master knows who is good and who is not. And our guests deserve the best only and not average performers that bore our audience and destroy all good vibes.

This depends of the Motto of the Night. Bands are much more lively but they are limited in repertoire. An 80´s Party Band is hard to find. When they finally violate good songs it is better to perform with a DJ. A Reggae night needs a Band-only by this the special vibes of that outstanding music can be transferred into the party people.

This is indeed the most frustrating experience we made on Cebu. Every couple that decides to marry is special and finally they do all to destroy the special magic of that day with hiring Wedding Agencies and Caterers that only focus on their income and give nothing on the personality of the Wedding Couple and its family and friends. Click the Button below to learn about the difference and also why we declare all Wedding Planners we met in 10 years incompetent in our point of view!

Find the best solution to not get your Guests bored. We saw so many Birthday Parties where people were more focused to their cellphones than to the Celebrant. Why mostly the Planning of the Event is a reason for failing we explain on our Site Private Celebrations

A Debut is similar to a Wedding. Contrary to a Birthday Party this day will only take place once in your life. So why are so many people downgrade this important day to a boring and unspectacular series of traditions nobody has fun with? Learn how to become a Debutant all people will admire at our Site “Debut”

What happens on our Events?

Events and Benefits for Boljoonons

The Models

Boljoon Model Contest

Everybody can be a model. This is what we want to prove! Stop looking at the Super Models on Instagram and Facebook. Show your personality.  This is what makes a Person outstanding

Fishermen´s NIght at Bay Beach Boljoon

Fishermen´s Night Boljoon

Once a month we invite Boljoon Fishermen to land directly in front of our Beach bar. You can buy fish and Seafood from the Fishermen and we grill it for a small fee at our Grill Station. Of course, there will be music and Party around-it shall be a festival and not a Market Day.

Mom of Boljoon

miss boljoon

Moms deserve more than one day per year what we call mother´s day. You come with your Mom and tell us why she is the best on earth. We will do a live stream and all people outside can vote who of you told the most convincing facts about your mom