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Reasonable Wedding for Cebu

Reasonable Wedding on Cebu is rare. Therefore we give an unique Modular System to save money. Pay only what you really order. Avoid hidden extra charges. As a result you will have better Features for lower Costs.

More Ambiance with a Reasonable Wedding

A Wedding on Cebu gains from the unique Wedding Service.Consequently we offer a World of Emotions with a great Ambiance.

Best Venue and still a Reasonable Wedding

8 Awards for best Service, Catering and Entertainment. In conclusion this shows what we call a Royal but Reasonable Wedding.

Emotions and Memories

We share the excitement of the Couple and the Family.Therefore a Wedding on Cebu must be memorable and emotional. As a result we are anytime well prepared to share this Magic Moment of your mutual "Yes"

Unique Features with Royal Weding Cebu

Awesome Design of the Venue. Therefore a Decoration can only reinforce the Beauty of the area. It´s like some make-Up for the Bride who is already Beautiful without.

Experienced Team

40 years of Wedding and Event Management is your Insurance for a high Quality but reasonable Wedding.

Honesty and Fairness are the Basic for a Reasonable Wedding

Honest partners have no secrets. Consequently you are anytime allowed to check our Operating files.

Royal Wedding Cebu Event Venue
Your Wedding Area with Sea View
Wedding Castle Light Design
Unique wedding Castle light Design

Complete Reasonable Wedding PAckages

We are different to other Agencies and Wedding Planners. Most importantly we perceive our work not as a job but as a passion.

Wedding Areal

Our Wedding Location is over a half Hectare. In result we can adjust the Area matching the Size of your Wedding. In other words, this helps also to make your Wedding reasonable.All is wonderful maintained. Above all the place is very romantic in general. Therefore lot of needed Decoration is already growing in our Place. A further Plus is our outstanding View to the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore all Decoration will be done from our Team. As a result they know how to prepare the Area to the best.

Catering Section for a Reasonable Wedding

The entire Catering comes from the House-Own Restaurant. So maybe you have surprisingly more Guests than expected. However we can cook and prepare more within Minutes. An external Caterer for instance is not able to do so. Furthermore other caterers will hardly meet our Quality Standards for Food.

Reasonable Wedding Accommodation

Your Wedding will take place in an Awarded 3-4 Stars Hotel-Resort. In other words, no Driving no Stress with  Transportation. To clarify, You-the Wedding Couple-have an Own Room for your Preparation. Most importantly, if you book minimum 6 Rooms for your Guests, you also will have an overnight stay in our Nicest Panorama Room for Free. In other words, more comfort and time. Certainly you see the Benefit of starting the day already in the Resort.

Technical Support

  • In short, the easiest way to destroy a Wedding is to install substandard Technical Equipment. Consequently our Wedding Service will provide with the latest High End Equipment to find on Cebu.
  • Digital Mixing Console X32
  • 6 LED Scanners moving
  • 6 regular LED Moving Heads
  • 2 Super Moving Heads
  • LED-60 LED PAR Beam Lights
  • 3 Super Lasers-
  • Hand Built British Sound System with over 16.000 Watts.
  • 3 Wireless Microphones Handheld and 12 Wireless Headset Mics are our Standard.
  • In conclusion, all the Equipment is operated from an Light-and Audio Engineer with Bachelor Degree from Germany.

Guests Service not excluded in a Reasonable Wedding

The Wedding couple has much to do on the Wedding Event. Therefore the waiting guests must be entertained. Our Special Wedding Service will entertain your Guests. As result this will shorten the waiting time. Short Activities distract your guests. Therefore we offer Trips to several Locations. As result your guests will not feel any boredom during waiting.

Reasonable Photo&Video Wedding Service

Pictures and Videos are forever. Most importantly we produce a Picture and Video Set you still can present to your Grand Children. Above all people have to perceive all emotions of the Wedding in the Video and Pictures. Even when they were not present at the Event. Consequently we prepare exactly this kind of Videos for you.

Hosting and Entertainment

Somebody has to guide your Wedding. This “somebody” must have a personal relation to you. Our host will be present at all meeting to design your Wedding. Fortunately this Host is also an awesome Singer. So you get to Experts in one: A perfect host and a beautiful Wedding Singer.

Bands an DJ´s

Royal Wedding Cebu proudly presents our House Own Bands and DJ´s.  Above all our Mastermind is a professional Musical Artist with International Fame. This guarantees best Quality of bands and DJ´s. However we don´t accept unknown Bands. Certainly you´ll agree that it is sometimes better to reject a Band instead of hiring a Bad one. So don´t miss this unique plus to get the best from the best.

Complete but Reasonable Wedding Service and Wedding Planning

The Wedding Service of Planning is a fundamental decision for a Wedding. Therefore we strictly warn from amateurs. Wedding Planner is not a protected Job Title. Consequently everyone can call himself a Wedding Planner. In Cebu mostly some relatives are suddenly Wedding Planners for instance. As a result we often experience crushed Weddings due to false Wedding Planners.

What a Wedding Planner has to do

A Wedding Planner is the Key Position of all Production Areas of your Wedding.  He must coordinate the Following:

  • Timetable of Pre-Event.
  • Timetable of Main Event.
  • Reception an Care of Guests
  • Check all Feature run as planned.
  • Coordination of Make Up Artist.
  • Coordination of  Hair Stylist
  • Fetch the Wedding Garment (borrowed or bought).
  • Coordinate the Front and Backend of the Wedding (Technicians, Service Staff, Helpers)
  • Supervision of Decoration (Flowers, Tables, Chairs, Covers, Displays, Backdrops, Screens, Projectors…) in time and in concert with all other sectors
  • Budget Control
  • Smooth Running of your Wedding

All of this you have already included with our Royal Wedding Service. So why you want to pay another one for what is already paid? Trust our Experts in Wedding Planning.

Unique Add On The Wedding Castle

Ambiance is Everything. Certainly this is not a true Castle but with our light design it seems to be. All is a Dream. Therefore your Wedding will be a “Dream comes true” Event.