Bay Beach Resort is the Number one Venue Boljoon from now on. Never celebrate a Birthday or other kind of Party without the new standard of successful Events: The 3 B´s Concept: Beautiful Place*Breathtaking Entertainment*Best Price!

Event Guests Boljoon
Happiness of Guests in Focus

Most important for a great Celebration

The Celebrant only! Good planning of Celebration will anytime center the Celebrant and not people annoying with long speeches thinking they are more important than the person we bless that day

Sinulog Dance Cebu in Boljoon

What is a Must

Planning and Design from Experts with thrilling schedule and colorful program features

Exeptional Celebrations in Boljoon

Exceptional Celebrations in Boljoon you easily will experience in Bay Beach Resort. Ordinary is not our Philosophy. The big difference is to find in our Show elements we individually create for our Celebrants. Many people cannot imagine what this means because all Celebrations are designed the same way. As long nobody will step forward to offer a Clebrations that will take your breath away we will be dedicated to go on with boring, ordinary, usual celebrations without any thrill. If you once experienced a Bay Beach Celebration you never will follow an incitation to a normal one. It is a think of intellect to become the coloured sheep in the herd that will be prominent and famous. We are ready to do it for you! Are you also?


Full of Surprises

He just wants to celebrate his Birthday. Finally, it changed to an engagement. All packed into a story of their common life and a big explosion of emotions. This Birthday both never will forget anymore.

How important is your celebration for you?

The Value of your Party

If you only invite your Guests to fulfill obligations and expectations it is a waste of time and money. You shall burn for that day like we also do. And only by this, your Celebration will be a day nobody can ever forget. All others are done by us. Relax and be excited to be a Star that day and all of your guests will appreciate the experience you donate to them.

Number one Venue Boljoon
Perfect Frame for your day
Events created sensitively
No need for big Event frame-emotions are much more important
Event Ambiance Boljoon
Perfect Ambiance for your Celebration

Features of the 3 B´s

The 3 B´s Top Event Benefits

The 3 B´s Boljoon
Perfect Beach Place at Boljoon

Beautiful Place

This is the first “B” in our Concept. Our Beautiful Place.

Located at a Private Beach you will enjoy a hassle-free and undisturbed Celebration. We decorate our PAradise referring to your wishes and desires and will paint an extraordinary ambiance for you an your guests

Inclusions of our Location

Top entertainment Boljoon
Best Preparation for your Entertainment of the Cast and also Equipment

Breathtaking Entertainment

This is now “B” number 2 of Bay Beach Resort Boljoon. The highly appreciated and breathtaking Entertainment We will help all your guests to present their surprises in the best way so that they are shining in fame and glamor. We teach them to hold a speech fluently and without any nervosity. Our Host is anytime beside and will assist.

High premium Sound and Light will give the perfect frame so that all looks and sounds fantastic. Boring intermissions will be replaced by our Show features that will be designed for your story and personality.  Noone else can offer this to you and we are experts in doing this. Ask all our guests already celebrating with us! They still talk about it even after years

Inclusions of our Entertainment

3 B´s Best Price
Best Price without any risk

Best Price Guarantee

The final “B” in our unique Celebration Concept. Best Price for the Best Event. If somebody will offer the same with all of our features for a cheaper price we will give it to you for the same price as our competitor. All our Packages are calculated with Catering and all the necessary service staff. On-demand we also will give you packages with overnight stays for “special friendship” rates. Let us plan the Party of your life and get 2 weeks to search for somebody offering the same cheaper. Only then you have to confirm your reservation with us or cancel it freely without any charges. This is the highest level of fairness but we are convinced that you deserve it and finally will be convinced that there is no better place for your Celebration than Bay Beach Resort Boljoon.

Inclusions of our Best Price Guarantee