The 3 B´s Restaurant in Boljoon

For 10 years we are able to place our Pizza on top of Southern Cebu. Now we bring a new way of restaurant to BoljoonBut the 3 B´s Restaurant in Boljoon is much more than only Pizza. All our dishes are prepared in a special way with secret marinades or sauces the difference between cooking only and performing magic to the dish.

new way of restaurant boljoon

3 B´s Secrets

The 3 B´s Secrets are our special ways of preparing.  All we do with passion and a big portion of individuality. Local food we cannot improve because the people in our country know how to prepare their own food best. We are happy that all our guests tell us how authentic our local food is and that they feel at home with our taste. Internationally we make our big points: We travelled all across the world and in every country we found chefs telling us their special preparations of food. If you order Pizza at 3 B´s then it will taste like Italian Pizza. Our BBQ is prepared with marinades used by the Champions of Grilling and this we do with all our courses you can find on the menu.

3 B´s complete senses experience

The 3 B´s complete senses experience is a further extra you barely will find a second time in our surroundings. We admit that there are several restaurants around offering good food for a reasonable price. But in 3 B´s you will feel like all is prepared especially for you only.  How often you were served from a waitress that is waiting in the back until you call her or you have to leave your table to find her. This is annoying for sophisticated guests which you will find at the 3 B´s. Our staff is anytime attentive and will ask you for your desires before you already express it to her. We know our guests and their wishes. We talk to you and want to learn you better. You shall be a party of our family and feel like visiting friends instead of a restaurant business. This is the true secret and we never found another restaurant around doing it the way we are doing. Come and feel at home from the first moment of entering our place. 

Pizza´s Paradise

We don’t just make Pizza, We Make you Happy!

Try our several toppings and flavors

BBQ in Heaven

It´s not just BBQ-it´s a revelation

This marinade is protected worldwide and we are the only ones besides the founder to be allowed using it


N. Bacalso Highway, Boljoon, 6024 Cebu

Phone & Email

Phone+63 32 479 6545 or 0926 08 444 33 Email: [email protected]

Working Hours

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00