Why are our rooms the cheapest rooms in Boljoon? Because there is a big difference in our target compared to others. We want to have returning guests. Our target is a sustaining and long-term friendship with our guests. Lover´s Cave Beach Resort stands for fairness and “pay only what you get” mentality.

Cheapest rooms in Boljoon for most valued guests
Anytime returning guests of Lover´s Cave Beach Resort

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Cheapest rooms in Boljoon with professional management

Boljoon budget-friendly beach resort
Guest satisfaction instead of overpricing

Managing is not only a matter of talent. Not for nothing the big hotels are hiring only educated managers and very often they request a university degree. Especially in the province, you find many family-operated hotels. These property owners do really their best-but that is sometimes not good enough. All of them are friendly and with passion but when they waste money with wrong calculation they finally don´t receive the profit they are dreaming of. Finally, they try to charge their failure of mismanagement to the guests. Rates and Restaurant prices must anytime correspond to the guest experience. Just being located at a beach is no reason to charge 3 or 4 times higher room rates. Therefore we offer the cheapest rooms in Boljoon based on the quality and uniqueness of a “Lover´s Cave Stay”.

Guest relation at Lover´s Cave Resort
Guest Treatment made by Lover´s Cave Beach Resort