Most Budget-Friendly Beach Resort Boljoon

Where to find the most budget-friendly Beach Resort in Boljoon? Simply reserve your accommodation at Lover´s Cave Beach Resort Boljoon! Excellent Quality need not be expensive. We love diversity and therefore we offer plenty of various room plans matching exactly the budget of our guests. Ambiance comes from a perfect tandem of guests and hospitality staff. Hardware is only a feature but personality comes from emotions. Hence our really famous and highly appreciated guest relation is priceless so that you only have to pay for the hardware. Our full attention to your needs is free of charge and our hardware is available for various requests. Get the most memorable stay with our budget-friendly price plans and enjoy moments for a lifetime at Lover´s Cave Beach Resort Boljoon.

Beach of Lover´s Cave Beach Resort
Enjoy life at our private Beach

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Difference to other Beach Resorts in Boljoon

Boljoon budget-friendly beach resort
Guest satisfaction instead of overpricing

The difference to other Beach Resorts in Boljoon is simply our concept of hospitality. When a Resort is just located at a public beach they charge much higher rates for their rooms than all mountain or garden resorts. 

The Service is ordinary because almost all Beach Resorts count on the location and are convinced that only this circumstance is sufficient for higher rates. 

We are convinced that location is only a secondary feature of perfect accommodation. Service and giving the ambiance of being at home and warmly welcome is our priority.  Therefore we don´t see any reason to charge our rooms higher compared to garden resorts because your satisfaction and our mutual relationship with you as a guest is in much higher value than our beach.

This is outstanding in Cebu and only to find in Lover´s Cave Beach Resort Boljoon. The place where emotions grow.

Lover´s Cave Customers are our Gems
This "just for fun" picture shows the close relationship between guests and staff