Debutants are outstanding personalities. Therefore you must not celebrate like millions of others also do. Show that you are different and show that you are special. The 3 B´s Event Team will build the frame for the Debut Picture of your Dreams.


Every Event needs a planning and storyboard if we shall highlight the personality of the Debutant. In 3 B´s experts of the highest reputation and a stage director from famous European Theatres will do that for you. Entertaining people with Videos only made for you. Watch both Videos and decide your own: Which one tells more about the Debutant: The ordinary of a Video Agency or ours?

Boljoon Debut Concept

Boljoon Debut Concept

The Boljoon Debut Concept is made for Debutants with sophisticated desires. Birthdays you will have many but your Debut just once in your life

Host and Emcee

Hosts and Emcee is finally the one that can ruin the Event or making it exceptional. Our Host/Emcee is multi-talent. Perfect Singer, very stage-experienced, and unbelievable welcoming. She can read the audience and will treat her as your sister or brother. The difference to other Emcees is that she is not coming with a static program and only filling your name into it. She will prepare personal guidance of the day together with our event team and also with you. This is to feel and this makes your Debut outstanding.


The Location is very important. But only offering a Beach is poor. You have to make the best out of it and paint scenery for a Princess or a Prince. 3 B´s will fulfil this with special light effects and decorations you´ve never seen before.

Catering and Service

Catering and Service are the core of a memorable event. At 3 B´s you will know all people preparing this day for you. Your guests will feel the difference when the waitress knows already what drinks they prefer and what extras they like. Extra Spicy for your Dad? Not so many vegetables for your mom? This will happen in 3 B´s because we memorize what you tell us in advance and will surprise your entourage with our knowledge.

Video from ordinary Agency

Video from our Team

Emphasizing the4 Personality of the Debutant is our main priority. We think this is much more personal and shows how close we get to our Guests and Customers. We produce Videos and Songs like for our Friends and not customers!