The best room rates in Boljoon with a high level of comfort and coziness will wait for you in Bay Beach Resort Boljoon. Our Team and our customers create the famous ambiance of our place.

Dorms for Families and Groups

Dorms for Families and Groups. These Rooms are available for 6 or 8 pax occupancy. A minimum of 50% occupancy is to pay. These rooms are fan rooms and will be charged with 500 php per head an night only. Breakfast is inclusive the rate.

Double Room Deluxe Aircon

Double Room Deluxe Aircon is available for 2500 Peso per night, good for 2. The breakfast is inclusive the rate. Children below 10 years stay for free and only are charged for breakfast.

Tipi Cobos a Highlight for Adventurers

Tipi Cobos a Highlight for Adventurers is the the most booked unit by millenials and young people. We charge 1000 peso per unit and night independent from occupancy. Breakfast is not included but can be added for 199 Peso per head only.


Amenities in our rooms are simple but useful Every room (except Cobos) have own CR and Shower (no hot water). All rooms have seaview and family rooms offer a terrace. All our guests can use our small chilling pool and the non-public beach in front of our resort for free. Good vibes yu will receive with our luxury SPA. Airconditioning in awesome ambiance for massage manicures or pedicures. We don´t ask any entrance fee for walk ins or day use but there is one restriction only: We don´t allow any kind of food or beverages from outside. Our restaurant is the most awarded in entire Cebu south and we offer our delicacies for highly budget-friendly prices.

Affordable but cozy rooms in Bay Beach Resort Boljoon

Enjoy a few pictures of our Dormitory and Family Rooms in Bay Beach Resort.

Enjoy a few pictures of our Double Deluxe Rooms in Bay Beach Resort.

Enjoy a few pictures of our Tipi Cobos in Bay Beach Resort.

Boljoon Relaxing area and Spa

Boljoon Relaxing area and Spa will enrich the town with exceptional ambiance and service you´ll never find a second time again. All of our competitors try to attract guests with a well-maintained area and a nice beach. But all of them forget that a stay is only memorable when you touch your guests with a personal experience. And this is what we are doing as nobody else can do. Try it and you will see the difference. A magical moment is not to get with money-it is to get with our passion for serving.

Boljoon Bay Beach Resort FAQ

Rooms are easy to book. We encourage all our guests to NOT USE any OTA like, Expedia or other Online Travel agencies. Also Air BnB we recommend not to use! The reason for it is quite easy: All of them promise to offer the lowest rate. But due to their high commissions, the resort has to pay, all accommodations will add on these expenses on their own in-house-rates. Therefore the cheapest way of reservation is anytime a DIRECT BOOKING with the resort or hotel.

You just can call us on Landline at 032 479 65 45 or text/call to our Hotline Number 0926 08 444 33. All friends of Facebook can send a reservation message to our FB page

If you want to have prompt confirmation use our booking machine. Here your reservation will be automatically updated in our reservation system and you will receive prompt confirmation. It is self-understanding that this service is free of extra charge for you. Just follow the link to our booking machine here.

You also can just walk in. As long we have available units you anytime are accepted as a valued guest also without any pre-reservation.

Only for long-term stays over 5 days we will ask deposit of 50% of your total. All short-term reservations are free of any deposit.

We work for offering card payment but due to Covid the Bank institutes ask us patience until they are able to install the terminals. Therefore we only can accept cash payment or Palawaan transfer. 

If you own a Paypal account you also can transfer your payment to our account [email protected]

First of all we wonder why somebody will visit a place with restaurant when he don´t want to use it? We are very open-minded and we allow almost everything that our guests have unlimited fun and a memorable stay. Bringing own food and beverage we perceive as a kind of disrespect for what we are: A place becoming famous for our food and service. If you only want to use a wonderful place but not the service what makes the place outstanding we think it is better to find another place. We cannot make people happy with the strongest talents we have when they refuse to accept it. 

BTW: The Philippines are the one and only country with that attitude. In almost all other countries people never will go to a place selling food with own food. Maybe we all can understand that this is an expired attitude and stop that for mutual respect and better life- together experiences soon. To become a modern country it is not sufficient to own the latest model of Smartphone but to adopt the Global way  of Tourism Rules and follow what is usual also outside the Philippines. To make your decision easier we offer our food, what is the most awarded by top magazines and famous since we operated Bodo´s in Alcoy, for very popular and affordable prices. You will not regret to try it and you never want to bring own food after enjoying ours once in your life.

Yes we allow our guests to install own tents at the beach. All our service like security at night and all amenities our guests with own tent can also use. We charge 500 Peso per unit and night independent how much people will stay in the tent. Breakfast you can order for 199 Php per head only but is not mandatory. But own food and beverage is strictly prohibited in our area. If you bring please consume outside our area or enjoy our budget friendly restaurant with the best food (5 awards from top magazines) and beach bar service. Find more about it at FAQ “Own Food and Beverage”.

Children below 10 years stay for free. We only charge breakfast but no overnight.

We think that Pets are members of the Family. Therefore your pet is anytime welcome in our place and also free of charge when you book an overnight stay. 

All you have to know about a stay you never will forget. Any more questions? Please Contact Us